Art Direction

& Design


Art Direction
& Design

HR Still Life
Creative Direction

“Even the common articles made for daily use become endowed with beauty when they are loved.”

Soetsu Yanagi, The Beauty of Everyday Things

Creative direction: Irene Girona
Photography and Set: Lourdes Cabrera

WOW Concept
Packaging Design

WOW concept is a space designed to connect customers with the latest trends in fashion, beauty, technology and decoration in a totally personalised and unique way.

To mark the opening of its second flagship store in Serrano 52, Madrid, an event was held whose creative concept was based on the materials of the space itself.

Inspired by stainless steel, we created an exclusive envelope for gifting the guests.

Berta Salinas
Web Design

The work of Berta Salinas ranges from the world of art direction to the artistic medium, combining both disciplines. Her photographs and fabric works are an exploration of the intimate sphere that discovers the different connections between the people and the objects that surround her, represented by a recurring symbology based on anatomy, nature and everyday objects.

For her site, I wanted to create a blank and free space where all topics and techniques Berta explores, would mix and combine harmonically.


Website development by Gux

Dandelion Flores
Branding, Web Design

Coming soon

Branding and web design for Dandelion, flower boutique located in Madrid.


Branding, Motion Graphics

Symbol sketches for a new brand.
Vases'shapes based on Piranesi's classic engravings.